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The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is upon us.

The fourth industrial revolution, dubbed Industry 4.0, is a journey toward the integration of real production and virtual production. Globalisation, climate change and economic developments are fuelling an exponential rate of progress in advanced manufacturing. If Australia and New Zealand are to secure a role in future global supply chains, the time to act is now.

From personal devices to complex systems in the industrial space, digitalization has become an intrinsic part of our world. The fourth industrial revolution will shift the possibilities of technology into a new landscape. A landscape which will bring to fruition a world where a significant part of the manufacturing process is completed in a virtual environment and the entire plant is digitalised.

The question for forward-thinking Australian businesses should no longer be what we take to market, but how we take it to market. As the global leader in industry automation and drive technologies, it's a question that Siemens is helping CEOs throughout Australia and New Zealand to address.

The vision for Industry 4.0

Highly flexible, individualised and resource-friendly mass production is coming.

Achievable over the next 20 years, the vision for the fourth industrial revolution is for products to find their way independently through the production process. Machines and products will communicate with each other in intelligent factories to cooperatively drive production. In an Internet of Things, raw materials and machines will be connected.

Not relevant to your industry? Think again.

Industry 4.0 will make a profound difference to many of Australia's industries, including the Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, and Defence sector. The benefits of connectivity and digitalisation are far-reaching and are already being seen today.


Every day, billions of devices and machines generate vast amounts of data. Turning that information into value is a key success factor for companies, economies and entire societies. Siemens has the knowledge and expertise to transform data into powerful insights that enable smarter choices. Siemens is ready to help Australia and New Zealand to succeed in digitalized global supply chains.

Could digitalization make Australia the most efficient shipbuilder in the world?

Digitalization provides Australia with the opportunity to fast-track its progress in the fourth industrial revolution and become the most efficient shipbuilder in the world. Digital shipyards can build two and a half ships in the time that a traditional shipyard can build one.

Holistic solutions from Siemens are paving the way for Australia to become a highly efficient supplier of submarines and naval vessels to the rest of the world. Learn more.


The answer to Industry 4.0

Businesses who proactively adapt today for the fourth industrial revolution are the ones who will survive and thrive when Industry 4.0 is realised.

By combining several proven solutions (PLM, MES and TIA) with a powerful data platform, Siemens has developed a holistic automation solution that will optimise the entire value chain and address the requirements for Industry 4.0.