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Oil & Gas

Prepare today for tomorrow

Siemens is working with the oil and gas industry across Australia and New Zealand to plan today for a stronger, more efficient tomorrow.

Today, as ever, the Oil and Gas market is volatile. While the industry is currently experiencing low oil prices, experts at Siemens are urging businesses to look beyond this and prepare for a different future.

Looking forward, Siemens has completed the loop on its portfolio of solutions to act as a single-source supplier to the industry for all mission-critical technology. Our aim is to better support customers in the Pacific region who want to improve their businesses with digitalization and automation but need to reduce their project risk and total-cost-of-ownership. Delivering a solution for the entire value chain – from production to transportation to processing – will increase productivity and make businesses more competitive in an over-supplied market.

Start-to-finish solutions

Siemens has invested more than 40 years in adding value, efficiency and innovation to the oil and gas industry. Following the acquisition of Dresser-Rand and the Rolls-Royce Energy gas turbine and compressor business, Siemens is a single-source solution partner for the oil and gas industry.

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Helping you to solve today’s challenges

Responding to reduced oil prices and driving productivity gains

How will your business survive today's challenging oil price environment? At the forefront of technological innovation for the oil and gas industry, Siemens is transforming operational performance across the entire value chain with automated and digitalized solutions.

Transforming the industry through digitalization

Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things are all drivers in influencing the future. The oil and gas industry in the Pacific region can take bold steps toward automated, digitalized environments with Siemens. Find out how digitalization is changing the oil and gas industry.

Efficiency through Plant Lifecycle Management solutions

The smooth operation of a power plant has a direct impact on productivity, profits and market share. Siemens PLM solutions offer complete assurance to plant owners that at every stage of the plant lifecycle processes are optimised and improvements are implemented. Find out how PLM saves time and money.

State-of-the-art service facilities for the oil and gas industry

Service support is on hand at our two state-of-the-art service centres in Western and Southern Australia. The new $5 million facility in Tonsley (SA) is equipped to overhaul larger oil and gas equipment, while customers in Perth are benefitting from the most sophisticated test-bed of its kind in Australia in a new $20 million facility. 

Streamlining processes for increased safety

Siemens solutions to digitalize the entire plant lifecycle with end-to-end integration are proven to improve consistency, efficiency and most importantly, safety.

Proven oil and gas solutions from Siemens

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