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Our comprehensive range of HVAC products covers all areas and technical applications.

Our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products offer a balanced portfolio of innovative and proven products and systems for the control and supervision of heating, cooling and ventilation plants. Our wide range of products ensures the comfort of building occupants as well as the safe operation and energy-efficient performance of buildings and premises of all types.

Feautures Benefits

State-of-the-art tools

A simple selection process, which reduces planning time
Advanced staff technical support Less downtime on site due to telephone support
Reliable, simple to use products Reduced maintenance cost due to fewer breakdowns
  Better system performance due to accurate performance of controls

Siemens BT Products offer a wide range of electronic controllers which are grouped according to their functions, input / output configuration or application range. Based on the application, simply select the required controller and field devices to create your desired HVAC control system. Each device can be used with a wide range of compatible sensors, valves, actuators and peripheral devices from our comprehensive range

Features Benefits
Room controllers Comprehensive range
Plant controllers High quality
Residential control systems High reliability
Refrigeration control High affordability
Standalone Analogue Controller (RWD)  
Communicating Low Level Controllers (Synco)  

Siemens BT Products range of damper actuators are reliable, powerful solutions for recirculated air, outside air, shutoff, smoke extraction and fire protection dampers, blinds as well as VAV devices, central and compact air conditioning units. With standardised dimensions, wiring and mounting concepts, Siemens damper actuators are designed for direct connection and straightforward commissioning. The high-torque actuators are equipped with a self-centring shaft adapter, which can be fitted from both sides allowing the actuator to be easily fitted to short shafts. This patented design does not allow the actuator to move in the longitudinal holder, thus preventing friction and cracking noises.

Features Benefits
Standardised dimensions, wiring and mounting concepts Complete product range
Self-centring shaft adapters Quick installation: low overall costs
Secure with single fixing screws Rugged housing for added durability
  Motors with low noise level

Siemens BT Products offer gas detection equipment used in a number of industrial and commercial applications where occupational health and safety is a concern. Typical applications include; car-park contaminant monitoring, refrigerant leak detection and explosive gas sensing. The offering includes an extensive range of gas detectors which are compatible with any DDC/PLC system as well as series of analogue controllers specifically designed and certified for gas detection applications.

Features Benefits

Accuracy to +/- 0.5%

High accuracy
Modular plug-in technology Limited nuisance alarms
Multiple mounting options Modular plug-in technology with simple service requirements, reducing service time and replacement costs
Extended sensor life expectancy Sensor technology with chemical reaction, meaning longer sensing element expectancy with reduced service costs and maintenance downtime

Siemens BT Products offer a comprehensive range of sensors for the measurement of temperature, humidity, air quality (CO2 and VOC), pressure, dew point, air velocity, solar and flow. Saving energy thanks to highly accurate measurements - Siemens sensors record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and energy efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.

The elegant and ergonomic design has been developed in close cooperation with users and customers. The result: an extremely user-friendly range of sensors, which can also be installed and commissioned by untrained staff.

Features Benefits
Extensive range Uniform, easy-to-understand, clearly structured and complete product range
Full compliance with all industry standards Straightforward and quick mounting and commissioning
Elegant and ergonomic designs Precise acquisition of measured values in all applications and mounting situations, thanks to functional design and digital technology

Siemens ultrasonic heat meter is an accurate, low maintenance solution for thermal energy measurement. Because of its highly accurate measuring principles, it can be used for accumulation of data involved in the preparation of billing documents for tenants. Used in residential, commercial and retail applications, the ultrasonic meters provide tenants with a reliable source of information when determining their energy usage for common plant and shared service utilities.

Features Benefits
Low pressure drop through flow section Low pressure drop through the flow measuring section, which allows for reduced pumping power
Flexible mounting options Suitability for mounting in horizontal and vertical planes
Modular power supply A modular power supply, which ensures interoperability with existing systems

Siemens BT Products offer a complete range of thermostats to suit almost every application. There are offerings for residential buildings, hotels, offices and light commercial buildings. Most installation and mounting configurations are included: wall-mount, flush-mount and semi-flush-mount.

Our thermostats meet your high demands for quality, reliability and outstanding functionality; our products are easy to install and use and are highly affordable. Furthermore, in an increasingly design-conscious world, we offer you the uniquely stylish and widely acclaimed Siemens "look and feel".

Features Benefits
Comprehensive range Ergonomic designs
  Ease of use and easy installation
  High affordability
  Award-winning European styling

Siemens BT Products offer a comprehensive range of valves and actuators for every requirement and application; offering a unique product range for residential and office buildings as well as industrial plants. Five different actuator technologies, a wide selection of valves and actuators for refrigeration plants and clean rooms ensure maximum economy and reliability. Siemens valves and actuators also deliver high control quality, long service life and increased energy efficiencies.

Features Benefits
Magnetic valves A large product range
Electromotoric actuators Valves for any application
Electrohydraulic actuators Quality
Pressure independent control valves Reliability

Siemens BT Products supply the SINAMICS G120P variable speed drive that is specifically designed to suit applications in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC). The G120P incorporates many advanced features that provide for new applications - as well as those expected as standard within the HVAC industry.

The SINAMICS G120P is a cost-effective, efficient, and easy-to-operate drive for pumps, fans, and turbo-style compressors. The G120P consists of three modules; Control Unit, Power Module, and Operator Panel. The power range covers from 0.75kW to 90 kW in six frame sizes.

Features Benefits
Robustness High degree of protection: IP55. Coated boards. Up to 60°C with derating.
Extensive Inputs/Outputs Numerous and varied inputs provide compatibility with a wide range of sensors, and both inputs and outputs can be utilised by the Fieldbus.
Energy Efficiency Improved harmonic performance compared to standard VSDs. Optimised motor amps via selectable motor characteristic. Hibernation mode - only runs when needed
Functionality Easy-to-operate via Intelligent Operator Panel and PC based wizards. Spring-loaded terminals and modular design.
Communications BACnet MS/TP, Modbus-RTU, and USS (Desigo) included as standard. External 24V power supply provides for continued communication during a localised loss of 3 phase supply.