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Fire Safety Solutions

Everything you need for comprehensive fire safety

With our passion for fire safety technology, we set standards and create sustainable safety. As a pioneer in fire safety, our innovative products and patented technologies are backed by over 160 years experience and know-how.

Our fire detectors offer multilayer signal analysis and intelligent analysis algorithms (ASAtechnology). Detectors with the innovative ASAtechnology provide intelligent detection of smoke, heat and CO in any environment, without false alarms. The uniqueness of our ASAtechnology has been proven by the Pragmatic Cooking and Shower test.

With our fire safety system Cerberus PRO, you can meet any application with confidence. The fire safety system excels through fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signalling, and control.

The fire safety solutions can be combined with the Cerberus Danger Management Station (DMS). Cerberus DMS integrates fire safety and security systems, including access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

Cerberus PRO fire safety solutions are available through our approved Solution Partners.

With the fire safety system Cerberus PRO, any application can be met with confidence - from small to large and from standard to sophisticated.
Detectors with ASAtechnology quickly and reliably detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide while being immune to deceptive phenomena.
Cerberus PRO fire detectors use sophisticated algorithms and adaptable parameter sets to meet all individual requirements.
Cerberus PRO offers a broad range of special detectors for exceptional application requirements and challenging environments.
With intelligent optical detection technology and a patented chamber, fires are detected immediately and with highest accuracy.
Sinorix extinguishing systems protect people, environment, and processes with intelligent solutions to keep fires virtual.
Cerberus DMS is a flexible and customizable danger management station which allows fastest respond to life safety events.
High quality installations, service and peace of mind with our selected, trained and certified Siemens Solution Partners.


Siemens Building Technologies builds, maintains and utilizes strategic relationships with officials, associations and other organizations outside of our company. This relationship is enabling us to proactively and professionally affect changes pertinent to the present and future legal, regulatory and standardization framework of our relevant markets.

Siemens Ltd. Australia is a Gold Member of the Fire Protection Association Australia.

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