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Siemens offers telephone support in a variety of areas. Please select the applicable business area below for contact information:

Postal Address

Siemens Australia Head Office
885 Mountain Highway
Bayswater, Victoria 3153

Level 2, Building A, Millennium Centre
600 Great South Road
Ellerslie, Auckland 1051
New Zealand

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Advantage ServicesTM provides a comprehensive service portfolio for your building's infrastructure, covering building automation, fire and security. These services are designed to enhance performance, deliver protection and create real value over the entire lifecycle of your facility, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We offer structured service contracts as well as customised, flexible packages to best suit the service solutions for your building or facility. Our Building Technologies Care Centre is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Fundamental to Advantage Services is a modular concept that allows us to provide tailored service solutions to meet your unique needs, with the assurance of a defined service quality worldwide. Regardless of the type of facility and infrastructure, we ensure your building and its environment have the necessary comfort and security, when and where you need it.

Building Technologies Customer Care (BTCC)

Siemens offers reliable and effective coordination of our services by way of the BTCC team. The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support service reaches nationwide, providing our customers with comfort and satisfaction that their needs will be managed through to the most appropriate Technical or business representative, in a timely manner.

From planned maintenance to emergency support calls, our BTCC team members have your details to minimise impact and maximise effect.

Advantage Service Centre (ASC)

Based in Australia, the ASC provides secure remote services such as energy analysis (reporting & recommendations), preventative maintenance, online coaching, diagnosis investigations and repair for your Security and Building Management Systems.

Our experienced engineers diagnose your system remotely and assist in avoiding un-necessary onsite maintenance by determining potential causes and responding accordingly.

The complete suite of Advantage Services

Through continuous monitoring and analysis, the ASC offers you energy savings, real-time virus protection, database storage, efficiency recommendations, HVAC strategy reviews, security card management, door access control and management, plus various reporting functionality.


Inclusion Definitions

Technology Strategy

We conduct a review of your systems to analyse and develop recommendations to assist in increasing your buildings performance and return on investment.

Software Updates

Siemens provides the latest updates to your software to ensure you benefit from the latest features and enhancements to improve your building operations, while also extending the life of your investment.

Software Upgrades

When required, Siemens will upgrade the full version of application software, incl. new functionality, and provide amendments to technical documentation and onsite training to increase your utilisation and benefits from new functionality.

EMC User Registration

Siemens will provide you with an account for our Energy Monitoring and Control (EMC) system, enabling you to effectively record and analyse your buildings operating costs, and implement and evaluate optimisation measures.

Operational Assistance

Siemens' highly qualified technical support engineers assist you remotely. This incorporates first-level response to technical problems relating to the operation and maintenance of your building management systems.

Functionality Test

Siemens tests the functionality of designated components to identify any failures or potential problem areas, and suggests any necessary remedial action required.

Fine Tuning

By nature, controlled devices such as valves, dampers and actuators drift out of calibration, which reduces building efficiency and increases operating costs. Siemens will fine tune your building system periodically to ensure that it runs at peak efficiency.

Data protection

Siemens provides a secure backup of your system data to ensure that, in the unfortunate event that your data is lost or corrupted, you will be up and running again with minimum impact to your operations.

Repair Services

Siemens will provide labour to repair and/or replace defective or worn components to restore the integrity of the system.

Spare Parts

In the event that a component fails, Siemens will deliver the replacement or repaired part to your site at no charge for the equipment.

Data Recovery

Siemens will use the latest backup copy to restore your software and recover your data, ensuring that system downtime is minimised.

Guaranteed Response Times

The maximum period of time that may elapse until Siemens initiates remedial action in response to your emergency request call. This is conducted either on-site or remotely.


Siemens will take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ensure the availability of technicians to provide support in the specified time windows as dictated by your guaranteed response time.


Siemens offers one-on-one and group assistance on and off site, as well as telephone and online support.